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Thief of Sorrows Special Edition with Signed Bookplate

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This Special Edition Includes:

⚔️ Hardcover of Thief of Sorrows with 3-sided full color printed pages

⚔️ Soft touch, silver foiled special edition dust jacket designed by Alice Power

⚔️ Six character eyes page overlays designed by Alice Power:

  • Three overlays of Isolde's eyes placed in specific chapters chosen by the author
  • Three overlays of Malakai's eyes placed in specific chapters chosen by the author


What if Robin Hood was a female assassin, with deadly powers, who not only steals from the rich and corrupt...she kills them too.

Isolde Cotheran is anything but a damsel in need of saving. By day, she is the heir to Thornwood manor and all its lands. By night, she masquerades as the Hood, a brutal outlaw who leads a cadre of thieves and assassins whose mission is simple, fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. When Isolde brutally kills a lord, it forces two men back into her life. Liam, the handsome Captain of the Guard, who was shunned from Thornwood for joining the evil king's army. And Gage, the Right Hand of the king and murderer of Isolde's first love.

After a successful heist leaves Gage humiliated and in danger of the king's wrath for failure to capture the Hood, Isolde's world is thrown into chaos. Struggling to protect those she loves not only from the dangers of the kingdom but from her own deadly power, Isolde is forced to take action when one of her own is caught in the crosshairs. Choices are made and blood is spilled, forcing the Hood to face her past. A past that is far more dangerous than even she realizes.



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