Here are some common questions we're asked.

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Placing an Order:

  • How do I place my first order?
    • Easy! First, click on the FOR BUSINESS tab, that will bring you to our Bulk Pricing options. As your quantity increases, so does your savings.
    • Once you've found a product you want to order, click the "Upload Your Photos" button and customize your product. Follow the directions on the product page and if you get stuck, contact us! 
      • Our live chat is available Monday - Friday 9am-5pm EST
      • Or email us at contact@acrylipics.com
  • How do I use my desktop computer to order photos that are on my phone?
    • If you have your desired photos on your phone, you can always place your order directly from your phone. Our website is set up to be easy to navigate on your mobile device as well. 
    • However, if you want to place your order on your desktop, you'll first need to transfer your photos that are on your mobile device onto your computer which you can do one of two ways...
      • The easiest way would be to email the photos to yourself. Then open the email on your desktop computer and download the photos from your email.
      • Or you can plug your phone into your computer and transfer the photos that way. Depending on the phone that you have, this process may vary.
  • What image file works best for your digital printing?
    • We recommend uploading high resolution files (at least 1MB in size or 300 DPI). We accept most digital files, but we recommend uploading either a .PNG, .JPG, or .TIFF file for the best results.
  • How can I be sure your printers will print the correct colors for my design / logo? 
    • Our color profiles are industry standard, however, there can be some variations depending on the file of your image and the design. To ensure a more accurate color match, contact us and our design department will work with you directly. 

Shipping & Tracking:

  • How do I check the status of my order?
    • Please note that it takes us at least 2-3 business days to create a custom order. HOWEVER, for large bulk orders, it could take us several weeks. Please contact us for a more accurate turnaround time for your specific order.
    • Once your order has been shipped, we will send you an email with a shipping tracking number so you can follow your package until it arrives to its destination. 
    • If you would like to check the status of your order, please contact us directly and we'll be happy to assist you!
      • Live chat with us Monday - Friday from 9am-5pm EST
      • Or send us an email to contact@acrylipics.com
  • How do I change the shipping address if I have already placed my order?
    • If you need to change anything about your order after it has already been placed, please contact us immediately. 
    • Live chat with us Monday - Friday from 9am-5pm EST
    • Or send us an email to contact@acrylipics.com
  • Can I ship to two different addresses?
    • Each order must ship to one address. We are unable to split up an order and ship to two different locations. If you would like to ship to two different locations, please place two separate orders for the respective addresses. 
Based on 2598 reviews

Absolutely LOVE this SE, it's one of my first books I've gotten for myself with digital edges and it did not disappoint. The colors are so vibrant and the page overlays are so much more than I could've ever hoped for. It's so cool to see scenes from the chapters actually on the page while reading and I will cherish this forever. Also got to me very fast compared to other books I ordered months ago that I still not have received. Would highly recommend Acrylipics.

Beautiful ❤️

I expected a lot and I definitely received it. This set looks absolutely beautiful in my bookcase and I am so glad I decided to buy it. Arrived perfectly packed and with no delay. Thank you so very much xxx

Acrylipics has the most gorgeous special editions & great customer service!


These books are absolutely stunning. They arrived in perfect condition and I was blown away at the quality of the painted edges, the books themselves, and the covers. 100% worth the money!!

Gorgeous, well done, perfect for display.

This book is absolutely gorgeous!! It’s so stunning in person!!

Love love love

I’m obsessed with this special edition! Reminds me of the dragon book covers from my childhood in the best possible way. The page inserts were an amazing touch as well!

Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros - Special Edition
Danielle Mills-Bowser (Portage, US)

Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros - Special Edition

Throne of Glass Special Edition

I absolutely LOVE them! The books look perfect! Plus the page overlays and book marks are super cool as well! 10/10 recommend getting them! Worth the money if you love the series!

Amazing quality

Absolutely STUNNING book! The quality of this is unmatched! You can see how much time and care they take when it comes to the product and packaging!!!! I love this so much and it is one of my favorite books I own!

This was absolutely beautiful and exceeded my expectations.

So pretty

I have posted a review on my booktok @kierraluvzbookz go check it out I’m obsessed!!!

Beautiful book

This book is absolutely stunning and the page overlays are equally beautiful. It was packed so wonderfully and it was so cute too. My book was completely perfect and not a lick of damage. Thank you Acrylipics team. I hope there’s an Iron Flame cuz I’ll be getting that too.

Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros - Special Edition
Customer (Colorado Springs, US)

The book pages are stunning, the dust cover is gorgeous and the page overlays are beautiful and thicker than I thought they would be. I cannot wait to show this off!!


Worth the wait it is gorgeous!!!

Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros - Special Edition
Haleigh Loughry (Salt Lake City, US)
Absolutely beautiful

I’ve ordered several special edition books, and this is by far my favorite one. The detail is extremely professional and gorgeous!

Fourth Wing Special Edition

I absolutely loved my book! It was stunning and everything looked great. I would definitely recommend this business to anyone!

Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros - Special Edition
Jacqualyn Smith (Castle Rock, US)
Fourth Wing

Extremely beautiful book. Came quicker than I expected.


This edition of Fourth Wing is one of my new favorites. The details are gorgeous, and it looks even more beautiful in person (and on my bookshelf!)

Absolutely beautiful!

The book is gorgeous. The packaging wonderful. Arrived in good timing. Very happy with this and excited for future special editions!

Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros - Special Edition
Moira Holifield (Puyallup, US)
Absolutely stunning!

Everything about this book is perfection! The page overlays, the artwork, the sprayed edges are all perfect. I’m so happy with this purchase!!!


The book is beautifully done. Gorgeous foil cover and beautiful art print page overlays. And it came safely wrapped in a nice cloth bag and pretty packaging. Love it! Perfect special edition for Fourth Wing's story.

Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros - Special Edition

Fourth Wing

This Special Edition of Fourth Wing is absolutely gorgeous. It almost looks like it’s on fire. The page overlays are perfect. Everything came packed so nicely. No damage. It is my newest prized possession. The only complaint I would have is that it took several months to come in after I ordered it, so be prepared for that. Although, I will gladly wait for something so nice!!

Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros - Special Edition
Natalie Berryman (Schaumburg, US)
Absolutely stunning!

AcryliPics has done it again with another stunning special edition. I hope Iron Flame is next in the collection. I will be a forever customer.