Every picture holds a story; Let us help you tell it

Every picture holds a story; Let us help you tell it

Pictures tell a story and hold powerful memories.
To honor this, we want to work with you to create lasting, beautiful pieces so you can treasure your memories forever.


As I closed the door to my fiancé's room so he could start his quarantine after coming down with covid, I found myself walking a bit slower as I made my way down the hall. Our own photo tiles – documenting the adventures we've taken – truly popped from the walls at that moment.

Now more than ever, we're realizing memories get us through even the most difficult of times. 

March 23, 2021 will mark one year since our state of Michigan went under the Stay at Home executive order. As I'm sure most can attest to, separating from our loved ones has been one of the greatest challenges. 

It's a time of teaching our grandparents how to use Zoom so they can see our faces. A time where we hold socially distanced outdoor BBQs with friends so we can make sure everyone's okay (mentally sometimes more than physically).

A time where we really cherish every moment we have with one another and the shared memories we've been blessed with. 

In that moment and for the first time in a long while, I allowed myself to fully reflect and delve into those photo tiles. The numerous Disney trips, our most recent Smokey Mountain retreat, and all of the tiles of us and the pets we've rescued through the years reminded me just how truly blessed we've been. 

Each photo tile showed me a different memory; a hilarious or embarrassing or heartwarming story.

The memory of when we both won high school Homecoming King and Queen and started dating soon after that. 

The memory of when he dropped to one knee in front of the Cinderella Castle in Disney World and stumbled over his chosen line, "See, I love you more than tires."

(Before the trip, he tried his best to shake any suspicions of a proposal by claiming he had to use potential ring money to pay for new car tires – little did he know, he's a terrible liar). 

The memory of when we rescued Kona, our beloved 6 year old puppy, from the shelter just one day after her previous owner tried to put her down; believing no one would want her because of her age. 

The memory of when we took his siblings and mine to the snowy ski resort and had to drag my sister down the mountain with a team of rescuers, laughing the whole way, after she took an impressive spill. 

All of our favorite moments in time, captured in photo tiles, stuck to our walls. I'd past them every day, but that day, I think they might have saved me. Helped me through caring for my best friend during one of our most challenging hardships. 

That's what our mission has always been for this company. Helping people find ways to uniquely cherish their memories so they can hold onto them forever.  

We know how important pictures are to you because they're important to us, too. 

We love going to work every day knowing what we do is meaningful to you and your loved ones. We want you to have those memories to look back on when you need them the most. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for trusting us with your memories. It's our mission to help you create stunning timeless pieces that will document those precious moments beautifully. And it's an absolute honor for us to be apart of that. 

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