How can we help: Shielding You with AcryliGuards™ Sneeze Guards & the Story Behind it

How can we help: Shielding You with AcryliGuards™ Sneeze Guards & the Story Behind it

In a matter of weeks, our globe found itself communally affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We watched as nations buckled down and reacted to the pandemic as it escalated at an incredible speed. Millions of United States citizens are staying home to keep themselves and others safe. It's a national movement that demands all of us to participate. But, what about those on the front lines? Essential workers are still clocking in for a full shift to ensure our country has medical care, groceries, electricity, gas, and our other essential needs. So, what could we do? We certainly couldn't stand by and watch. 

As you may know, our company is family owned and operated and has been for nearly a decade. My dad started this business in the basement of our home when I was in middle school. I've watched as he has grown this small hobby of his into a fully developed and growing business that my entire family has become apart of. I've learned over the years that his work ethic is unmatched by any I've ever met. So when this virus started ripping through our nation, I could see how painful it was for him to sit back and wait for it to all blow over.

During our first week of our Stay At Home order, we met up for bike rides (staying a minimum of 6 feet apart, of course) and couldn't resist treating ourselves to ice cream at our local convenience store. What we saw that day sparked an idea into my dad's head that would bring about the creation of our AcryliGuards™. As we walked into the little store, the kind ladies behind the counter greeted us per usual. What was a bit off, though, was the thin sheet of plastic hanging from the ceiling that dangled just in front of their smiles. Of course, some much needed protection against sneezes and coughs! As I graciously accepted my double scoop of chocolate ice cream, I could see out of the corner of my eye steam pouring from my dad's ears, as his mental gears were turning away, no doubt thinking up a way to improve their method here. I maybe had time to sit down on the sun warmed curb and take one lick of sweet icy goodness before hearing the usual words: "We could totally do that, but I've got a few ideas."

Shortly after, we launched AcryliGuards™ on our website. 

As a plastic fabrication company, it made perfect sense to us that we should use our capabilities to provide much needed protection to essential workers who continue to smile at all of us behind the counter. 

We've been honored to assist small businesses throughout the country by providing them with much needed protection against covid and we're so thankful to our community who patiently waited for their orders while we were under lock down. 

Thank you so much for your continued support!

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