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I love the designs and the acrylic pieces are excellently made. They were packaged well too.


The most beautiful books I've ever owned! Shipped fast and packaged well.

Velaris X Acotar special edition book box set

Absolutely beautiful book set exactly as pictured! I am so in love with the pages I don’t think I’ve ever owned such a beautiful set

Absolutely Stunning

Love the way the lettering is done on the front for the title and the authors name. Makes it around out. The stayed edges are beautiful. It lets you know exactly how it’s going to look when the author gets the other books done for the series. I absolutely love it!! Thank you!!


I loved this special edition! The book was stunning, the edges were perfect and the overlays were a wonderful touch!


I am so obsessed with my set. It is so beautifully packaged, I love the small details even down to the ribbon they use to keep the box closed. I’m never going to do anything other than keep these on display because I don’t want to risk anything happening to them LOL. It looks gorgeous on my shelf next to my other SJM books. I’ll definitely be buying an updated version once the series is finished.

Velaris X ACOTAR Special Edition Book Box Set with Velaris Printed Pages

I love it. Thank you so much for this. I have the original set and this just made me so happy.


I LOVE my items! They are so beautiful and the perfect size for my shelf! I could not be happier and the shipping was so fast! I can’t wait to buy more and also get my pre-ordered TOG Dust Jackets 😍

Beautiful with a couple flaws

Theses books are stunning! I absolutely love having the collection! The only downside is that a couple of the covers have some flaws and a couple books had some pages with flaws. Other than that, love thiem!

So beautiful!!

This book is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love how quality the books always are, and I love how it is set up where you preorder the book, and then you get the book pretty fast after ordering. They make sure they never get overwhelmed with orders so people don't have huge waits like other book companies. I absolutely love this company!!! Thank you so much for the beautiful book :)


I was very excited to have this collectors edition


These are so so so amazing! Truly a beautiful piece of work.


I loved the artwork! Just wish the set would come with a book separator because the set needs to lean on something in order to stand up straight. Other that I love the design and the dust jackets and the hidden bookmarks!

Well made and gorgeous

I live this little desktop accessory. It is cute enough that those who haven’t read Crescent City will like it but nerdy enough that those who have will love it!

"Only you decide what breaks you." - A Court of Thorns and Roses Series / A Court of Wings and Ruin - Freestanding Bookshelf / Desktop Acrylic Accessory - Officially licensed by Sarah J. Maas - D4

Absolutely stunning!!

Absolutely Gorgeous

I don’t even know where to begin. This set of books is flawless inside and out. The art, the dust jackets, the box it comes in, I am beyond impressed. A perfect addition to any ACOTAR lovers library.

SJM Sisters - Fan Art from @Gabsgabx - Freestanding Bookshelf / Desktop Acrylic Accessory - Officially licensed by Sarah J. Maas - FA28

So Cute!

I never pictured the Cauldron as cute but this one is! I love the option to keep the colors rotating and it's just large enough to see without obstructing anything or taking up too much real estate on my desk.

Acrylipics has the best customer service too. I loved doing business with them and they give their orders a personal touch.

Love them!

Since I wasn’t a fan of the dust jackets that came with the ACOTAR books, I found these and they’re beautiful! They look amazing in my bookcase and really make the books stand out. They were easy to put on and the sizing was perfect. The spine and edges lined up perfectly.

Velaris X ACOTAR Special Edition Book Box Set with Velaris Printed Pages

Beautiful set!

I gifted these to my wife and she absolutely loved them! She was so excited to place them on our bookshelf with all of our other books!

Just as it was advertised

Absolutely stunning so worth the money. Was packaged beautifully