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i ordered these in March and wasnt expecting them till late july/august! They are absolutely stunning and the attention to detail is amazing, they also included overlays which I didnt know upon ordering so it was a nice surprise. They were worth every penny!


Gosh, it’s even more stunning in person and I was expecting it months from now! As soon as I saw the notification “shipped”, I was so excited to receive it! There are no words to describe how beautiful this set is. All of the tiny details and everything is in perfect condition. The team did a fantastic job! I’m in love!

Love love love this special edition, the colors are so vibrant. The only thing bothering me is the eyebrows on the characters faces, they’re just weird, but maybe it’s just me.


what a beautiful set. I absolutely love how it looks on my shelf. Highly recommend

Velaris X ACOTAR Special Edition Book Box Set with Velaris Printed Pages


The book is so amazing I can't even! It's so beautiful and I can't wait to devour it! Shipping to Czechia was sooo expensive but it was worth it!

Beautiful Edges

Its beautiful BUT.. it has a print error.. The dust jacket print doesnt add up with the front.. so if one is placed correct and shows the picture.. the print on the other side is mixed up; incorrect order.. (I did add a video where the dustjacket are placed correct and you see that the print on the front is in the wrong order)
i was bothered by it… it is as if the dustjackets were carelessly printed, on a serie that i paid 400+ for.. sloppy. But other than that, they are the most beautifull Edges I own.

I’m in love with my new books and this is my second time ordering from them.

OMG this is absolutely perfect! It is gorgeous!! Definitely a returning customer.


After seeing the new dust jackets I had to have them. The set showed up in perfect condition and sooner than I expected them too.

Amazing! I love them so much! This is my first time purchasing special edition books and it did not disappoint. I love how the covers and the overlays represent the characters and the main points of the story!!!

Phoenix King

Bought it as an early birthdat gift for myself and got it just in time! Which is rare due to me living far away form *everything*. And it looks so extremly nice!!! I could not stop smiling and have fallen in love with the overlay art it just looks so cool!!! And the sleeve and edges are so good i almost couldn’t believe it!!!

Just WOW

OMG, these are such beautiful books! They came wrapped up like pretty presents and the overlays are so cool! The feel of the dust jackets are like velvet and there are cute little pics on the hardbacks and edges are just so beautiful! Love love love these!

1st order- Throne of Glass

I watched 2 ToG drops sell out and my friend and I waited until the most recent March drop to finally place my order, before I even finished the series. Something told me that I would get to the end and will want this to be my first set from Acrylipics. The expected shipping date coincided with my birthday month as well. So imagine my delight when the set arrived a month early in June! I just finished Kingdom of Ash and I'm so in love with this set. I am stationed overseas and I was worried that the box the books are house in would get damaged. There were no damages or bent corners at all when it finally arrived. Thank you for bringing these books to life and to the artists and staff's hard work!

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that this is my third copy of Fourth Wing, but I love it just as much as the others. The inserts are stunning and I loved finding the right place in the chapters to place them. The cover and sprayed edges are beautifully done. I can’t wait for them to release a special edition of Iron Flame *hint, hint* as I need a matching copy to sit next Fourth Wing.

This set is absolutely stunning. And they arrived so much faster than I expected. I love them! Now if work would just slow down so I can finish ACOTAR and finally get to reading these.

Death Point Full Cutout Statuette - Fan Art from @InkFaeArt - Freestanding Bookshelf / Desktop Acrylic Accessory - Officially licensed by Sarah J. Maas - FA23

Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas - Special Edition Box Set - Batch 4: Ships by AUGUST 31

STUNNING! I will never get over how gorgeous this set is! Worth every penny!!

I'm Obsessed

I'm absolutely in love with my Throne of Glass special editions! They are beautiful and look fantastic on my bookshelf.