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Velaris X ACOTAR Special Edition Book Box Set with Velaris Printed Pages


This was the perfect addition to my bookshelf!! I love the retail dust jackets but didn't like the difference in colors. These dust jackets are beautiful and bring my bookshelf together.

Gift for my wife!

Arrived in perfect condition and my wife loved it. The edges are so pretty. I bought her more books from you all and she loved them as well. Will definitely be purchasing more!

Velaris Special Edition Dust Jackets ONLY (NO books included) for US Standard Hardcovers

Look so pretty on my shelves and fit my books perfectly❤️ so worth the money

Cursed Empire Special Edition Series Set
Dee Dee Telles (Sacramento, US)

Loved the set I got. Amazing work.


I was completely amazed by how beautiful these covers are. The feel of the covers, the silver filigree, and how they look when lined up and the scene emerges on the spine. I am also thoroughly enjoying finding all the little Easter eggs on each cover. Thank you for creating a beautiful piece of art!

Haven't read the book yet but the cover and stenciled edges are absolutely beautiful!! I look forward to seeing future works!!


Just as I expected. These dust covers are phenomenal and bring so much life to my bookshelf. I'm in love with them.

Beautiful but I hope they continue

The box set was extremely beautiful and I love how they include little surprises in the book and making it sort of a game to find them. ACOTAR is not a completed series and I hope AcryliPics can make something else out of the next few books that could still go well together with this set!

My favourite Bookmark

Who doesn't love an Az bookmark? I love this so much and the details are gorgeous. I am in love.


Everything about this is amazing. Cannot stop staring at the perfection that is this piece.

Absolute Perfection

Words cannot describe how much I love this piece. It is beautifully handcrafted and easily my favourite addition. I would encourage everyone to buy one because they are gorgeous and makes my heart flutter every time I see it.


These are everything I’d hoped they would be!

So perfect

One of my favorite quotes from TOG. Great quality and looks beautiful on my shelf with my new dust covers too!

Just stunning!

This was an instant purchase for me, referred by a friend, and it did not disappoint! I couldn’t be more in love with how Velaris stands out on my bookshelf! Can’t wait to see what’s next!


They look beautiful

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful

I bought this light up stand along with the Light it Up one and my SJM shrine feels like its finally complete🤍

Velaris x ACOTAR Box Set

Hello! I just recieved my VelarisxACOTAR book box and saying I’m in love in an understatement!!! I’m crying and screaming over here and I’m so happy I bought it!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


I was so excited to get these, they are exaxtly what I waa hoping for!!

Throne of glass hardcover dust jackets

Absolutely love these dust jackets. They are so beautiful. The only complaint I have is that the first three books are a lot darker than I expected and it's hard to see some of the details in them. I do like how it goes from dark to light to kinda show how the series goes. I did buy the dust jackets, they weren't the ones that specifically said "for dust jackets" that will be coming out soon, but they still fit. But make sure you measure your books just to be safe.

ACOTAR Translucent Bookmarks - 5 Stars!

I love my bookmarks! Perfectly sized and colours and capture the characters well in just a small image! Eagerly awaiting when Acrylipics get the go ahead to do a similar collection for ToG and CC! <3


I love these dust jackets so much. The quality is superb and I am just incredibly thrilled with them.


I absolutely loved them! The packaging was so cute and there was even a little surprise. They are my new favorite set of books. The pages are absolutely beautiful!

Absolutely Stunning!

I have no words, buy it and see for yourself :)