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Rowan & Aelin in Illyrian Leathers - Fan Art from @InkFaeArt - Freestanding Bookshelf / Desktop Acrylic Accessory - Officially licensed by Sarah J. Maas - FA50

Love it

Great acrylic pic however it took a long time to receive it. Otherwise 5 stars!

Just buy it!

I’m so happy with everything I bought! It was so well packaged everything arrived in perfect condition! I’ll definitely be back to buy more :)

Beautiful Edges!

I love the edges of these books they are so beautiful!

Gorgeous Book set

As soon as I saw the TikTok about this set I knew I needed it. I ordered it on the September 2nd restock and had it within 2-3 weeks. It is really my absolute favorite!

Restocks Oct. 1st at 2pm EST - Velaris X ACOTAR Special Edition Book Box Set with Velaris Printed Pages

Absolute perfection!

I loved my set so much that I had to get one for my best friend! Great addition to my bookshelf.

ACOTAR Social Edition Box Set

Absolutely beautiful books. Wonderful customer service. Overall 10/10 experience. I would definitely buy from you guys again!


Pictures on the website do not properly show how beautiful this book set is. From the Velaris printing on the pages to the coordinating box, this entire set is worth every penny. If you’re an acotar fan, do not hesitate, just purchase.

Absolutely Stunning

The books are absolutely stunning. I am so excited to have them. They are even more beautiful in person than I thought they would be. I was disappointed with the packaging and all my books came beat up. I would hope they would be in perfect condition.

Absolutely Beautiful

I love them!

Not enough bang for the buck

I’ve been collecting special edition books for years and while this set is beautiful, I had higher expectations considering how expensive they are. They’re basically the regular hardcover books with only one sprayed side (tops and bottoms plain), nice dust jackets, and a cheaply made decorative cardboard box. For over $200 I would have thought a bit more effort would have gone into the quality. Still, it looks nice on the shelf so I have to give it props for that.

So B E A U T I F U L

Wow. Just wow. The tracking was super easy, and I loved how the shipping was that the mailman needed a signature because I was worried about my package being outside. The art on the books exceeded my expectations, they’re stunning! Also the bookmarks in each book are so cool! Overall I love this for my collection, I’ve been showing them off nonstop! Can’t wait to buy from this shop again!!

Pretty but the dust jackets..

Very beautiful! For the price , I expected the dust jacket and everything to be perfect or close to it. Two books, (ACOTAR and ACOSF) , have a messed up dust jacket . The spine on the top. I emailed them and I haven’t received a response…

Absolutely Amazing

I am in love with this box set and I am hoping and praying they'll do throne of glass next


These are absolutely perfect. They come in a gorgeous box. It’s like opening a present. The book edges are flawless and the dust covers are gorgeous. I couldn’t be happier.

Stunning books

These books are stunningly gorgeous, and came packaged perfectly. You have to sign for them when they show up which is nice because no one can steal them. The delivery time was great.

Excellent purchase

I was so happy I was able to acquire these special editions. The detail on the sprayed edges is amazing and and I absolutely loved everything about it! It was also packed with great care, which I really appreciate.


I got 2 sets of the bookmarks for myself and my best friend and when I tell you we were shook opening the envelope… our jaws were on the floor!! They are beautifully done and the quality is amazing. It was crazy to see all the characters come alive in real life. Shipping was so fast as well so that’s an extra bonus. Highly highly recommend!

Great Artwork, not the best bookmark

The artwork is stunning. My only complaint is that they are so thin that they are kind of impossible to use as a bookmark. I can never find my page with them.

ACOTAR Bookmarks

These are beautiful & very well made! I love them! 😍


I love these so much! I had to buy two sets for all of my versions of the books:)

Restocks Oct. 1st at 2pm EST - Velaris X ACOTAR Special Edition Book Box Set with Velaris Printed Pages