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SHE IS A FORCE OF NATURE, 9 Piece Mural, AcryliThins™ Thin Acrylic Tiles, Stickable and Re-Positionable

Choosing the right tile size:

4x4 tile size will make a 12" x 12" mural

6x6 tile size will make a 18" x 18" mural

8x8 tile size will make a 24" x 24" mural

12x12 tile size will make a 36" x 36" mural

15x15 tile size will make a 45" x 45" mural

Stickable Inspirational Quotes, Art, Collectibles, Acrylic Prints, Magnets, Coasters

Made from beautiful, durable thin Clear Acrylic, you can stick these beautiful timeless Inspirational Quotes, Art & Collectibles anywhere; your walls, your fridge, your mirrors, car dashboard, school lockers, outside, inside, anywhere. 

Order them with re-positionable stickers or with magnet backing or with cork backing as coasters

Collect them all.  New designs are added daily.