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Letters - AcryliPics™ Minis Templates

Refer to the Template pictures below to see how many AcryliPics™ Minis are needed to complete this template!

All letters are roughly 15" - 16" tall and 13" - 14" wide.

How to use the template:

1. Tear out the squares of the template (all squares are pre-cut & easy to tear out)

2. Tape your template to your wall with a small piece of tape on the top and bottom.

3. Simply stick your AcryliPics™ Minis photo tiles into the template holes for an easy and beautifully completed collage!

AcryliPics™ Minis are the perfect size for your endless collage ideas, not too big, not too small. Using the pre-made templates of letters, numbers, and various designs, you can create any words, phrases, or spectacular creations. Easy to create. Simply upload your photos, choose your templates, add to cart, and stick them to your wall! In minutes, you will have breathtaking wall art. 

Your photos professionally custom printed on gallery quality glass-like acrylic creates a vivid and stunning way to show off your favorite images.  AcryliPics™ Minis are printed with the highest quality professional printing systems onto thin black acrylic backing.  They are then enhanced with a thin clear acrylic front, which also protects and highlights your beautiful photos.  

All AcryliPics™ Minis Acrylic Prints:

  • 1/8" thick black cast acrylic backing
  • 1/8" thick clear cast acrylic front
  • Super High Resolution Printing Systems
  • All Acrylic is Gallery Grade
  • Meticulously Laser-Cut with Polished Edges
  • UV Ink Protection for your image
  • High Gloss Finish for a Breathtaking Gallery look and feel

    * By uploading, you acknowledge you hold the rights to the photo(s).